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New Patient Reviews

  • very comfortable atmosphere – very informative – a light was turned on

    - Pete D.
  • This experience has got me passionate about my health and the health and well being of my family again!

    - Amber M.
  • We are so happy to have found your chiropractic office and be receiving the help that we need to have our bodies and alignment. We have been very satisfied with each visit and your staff is exceedingly friendly and helpful!

    - Esther F.
  • I love that Dr. Sweet has a genuine heart for helping his patients. He clearly loves his career.

    - Charla W.
  • Love, love, love, the attitude, and atmosphere of the office. Dr. Sweet is very knowledgeable, passionate, and sincere in his desire to help the patient (me) heal the mind, body, and spirit. I feel like I’m in good hands.

    - Jenny M.
  • The helpfulness and kindness of the whole staff was very beneficial to me. Since it was my first time in to see a chiropractor, I was extremely nervous. Great environment and I have high hopes for future visits.

    -Jessica L.
  • Appreciate your thoroughness full explanation of what to expect. Lisa is very helpful also.

    - David F.
  • Keep up the awesome awareness, education, and opportunities for wellness with your clients. Great service!

    - Lynn N.
  • Glad we are connected, and I am optimistic that our health will improve as a result.

    -James L.
  • I felt that Dr. Sweet listened to and addressed my health care concerns. Dr. Sweet is obviously very passionate about what he does and that has given me confidence in his practice. Thank you!

    -Dana A.
  • I totally recommend this place! 

    - Amelia G.
  • I am so glad that you know atlas adjustments!

    - Julie S.
  • Very good first experience.

    - Grant U.
  • This practice provides a patient a true experience. They have thought through the entire patient journey and created an educational, uplifting experience. I am very impressed and happy I chose Leva.

    - Geetha F.
  • This man saved my wife and saved me when I didn’t know I needed help at all. Our lives are stronger due to Dr. Sweet’s solid foundation to build  new life upon.

    - Cody R.



The way him and Kate interact with everyone that comes in is so refreshing. They actually post attention and it is obvious!! Thank you for pointing me in their direction. There is sooo much stuff caused by pack issues. And him breaking it down and telling him own success story is crazy. ~ Becca L

Quality Care

Dr. Sweet is passionate about delivering quality care that produces positive results. He asks for feedback and listens to his patients which is a unique experience for me. Also, he front-loads a lot of appointments to get patients on track, instead of just handing out sheets of paper with exercises for people to do on their own. I’ve suffered from neck and back issues for a long time and felt immediate results after my first visit. If you’re suffering from pain and immobility issues, do yourself a favor and schedule a visit with LEVA. ~Ben S.

Major Relief From First Adjustment

Major relief from the very first adjustment before I even left the office! I had chronic pressure in my head for 5 years, I stood up and instantly felt pressure leave my brain. My vision became clear, my air ways became clear and my head felt so much lighter! ~Ashtyn K.

Truly Amazed

I was truly amazed at the impact a single visit was able to produce. I came in hoping to get help with my lower back pain and ended up getting so much more! I had been dealing with ankle and hamstring issues in my left leg for months and it was impacting my ability to do the things I enjoy. 3 days after my visit I was playing in a softball tournament and running pain free for the first time in months. I never thought that the issues I have been having off and on with my left leg could be helped by visiting a chiropractor. Wish I would have seen Dr. Sweet years ago! ~John H.

Thank You For Listening

Thank you for listening and for providing me real information regarding my health. I have been eating right, making sleep a priority, exercising, trying to keep my stress low, but I was still missing something. I was struggling to function as a “normal” person. I now have a path forward. That feels really good. ~Elizabeth T.

I was amazed after my first adjustment, the difference of having my axis back in place. Dr. Sweet gave me amazing information and insight on how I can continue to help myself in this process.
Greg D.

Awesome Experience

A big Thank you to Dr. Sweet and Lisa! My experience this last month has been awesome and I found the right clinic to help guide me toward health in my body, mind, and spirit. I was recommended to Dr. Sweet by my dad when I pulled something in my back and couldn’t move my head/neck. I also struggle with anxiety and have been taking anti-anxiety medication for about 2 years now. The results I received after my first session and during the last 4 weeks has helped decreased my anxiety immensely! So much so, that I have cut my anxiety medication in half and hope to eventually stop taking it all together! Yay! Thank you again! ~Jenifer S.

I have found the perfect place

This was only my second experience, working with a licensed Chiropractor, but I feel like I have found the perfect place to get the help I need. I would recommend that anyone with significant health issues give this doctor a try, because spinal problems are manifest in so many ways, and are often the very root cause of many ailments. ~Eric C.

Informative And Very Helpful

Doctor was very informative and very helpful, listened to everything I had to ask as this was my first time ever to a chiropractor. He handled everything professionally and was understanding of my nervousness. ~Mark P.

Feeling Better On The Right Track

After two weeks of treatment, I am feeling better than I have in two years. I know I am on the right track and Dr. Ryan has been the catalyst. ~Jeanne M.

Excellent Job

Lisa and Dr. Sweet were on time and did an excellent job. Nice office, digital x-rays (offering immediate processing and lower radiation), good value. Looking forward to my treatment plan! ~Stephen R.

Dr. Sweet seems to be a very knowledgeable individual with a passion for his career that seems to want to burst from his every pore.
Patrick P.

Great Experience

Great experience, I was nervous to go but Dr.Ryan made me feel very comfortable and was great to work with. The best experience I have ever had with a health care professional. ~Caitlynn W.

Feel Well Taken Care Of

I feel well taken care of, and that I am actually being listened to and cared about. A very nice change from past experiences. I always talk about my experience with family and friends who are interested in seeking help for their own personal issues. Thank you for the opportunity to make myself better. ~Adam H.


I was blown away with the methodology of chiropractic care and how Dr. Sweet views true health. Not only that, I didn’t realize I had pain in my neck until after it was gone! Thanks! ~Brett S.


The staff and Dr.Sweet are all very helpful and I felt I wasn’t just another “number” or “patient”. I left there leaving that this practice really wants to help me get back on track. I’ve learned so much as a newcomer, and a first-time visit to the chiropractic office. ~Julie M.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Sweet seems to be a very knowledgeable individual with a passion for his career that seems to want to burst from his every pore. For those less knowledgeable of the subject, that is a welcome (and unfortunately unusual) quality. The staff are friendly enough and the site is very well maintained and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. As for the quality of care, I’ve only begun my treatments, but take a look around at the seemingly endless array of testimonials on display and it’s hard to not be optimistic. Should I see positive results (likely) I will certainly recommend Dr. Sweet to any and all who may benefit from a readjustment, which is probably everyone. ~Patrick P.


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