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Meet Dr. Ryan Sweet

Discovering His Path

Dr Ryan and his kidsDr. Sweet used to race dirt bikes and sustained his fair share of injuries. When conventional medical approaches didn’t produce the results he was looking for, he tried chiropractic care. The results were life-changing, and he decided to become a chiropractor and help others.

In the beginning, he understood chiropractic from a pain-relief perspective. As Dr. Sweet learned more, he realized that chiropractic care can potentially improve many more health conditions because the nervous system connects to every organ, muscle, gland, and cell of the body.

Dr. Sweet’s experience with Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, which dramatically improved his lifelong sleep, energy, sinus, skin, mind, spine and other immune issues, further inspired him to focus on this extremely precise, low-force adjusting method.


Education and Certifications

Dr. Sweet graduated with Honors with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in 2004. He opened Atlas Chiropractic PC in 2007, focusing on Atlas Orthogonal adjustments. He is Board-Certified in the Atlas Orthogonal technique.

He is a member of:

  • Ambassador for Life Chiropractic College West
  • Ambassador for Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • Member of EPOC (Epicenter Of Chiropractic) Tacoma

Chiropractic Family is Growing

As a first-time chiropractor in his family for the first two decades, Dr. Ryan Sweet is feeling grateful that his experience and influence has inspired several of his own family to dedicate their lives to serving in this great profession. Two of his nieces and one nephew have become or started chiropractic college in 2024. Each of them has experienced chiropractic and saw the profound impact that was possible and in turn wanted to help others experience the same.

Dry Ryan and his family

A Proud Chiropractic Dad

When Dr. Sweet’s son Leo was born, the home-birth midwife said that he was struggling to breathe. In an instant, Dr. Sweet was a terrified new father, concerned that they were in for a trip to the ER or worse.

But then his training kicked in, and he checked out Leo’s neck and found his atlas was misaligned. Dr. Sweet gently adjusted it, and Leo relaxed, took a full breath, and fell asleep. The entire cost of Chiropractic College and more was worth it for that one adjustment.

It just goes to show us all that even during a perfect natural home birth a newborn can be born with an atlas subluxation, and in some cases it can be urgent.

Away From the Practice

Spending time with his children is Dr. Sweet’s favorite hobby. They love traveling and exploring new places on vacation. Both kids are fluent in English and Swedish and are learning new languages.

Ready to Maximize Your Health?

You deserve to live your healthiest, best life. Contact us today to book your first appointment with Dr. Sweet. We look forward to welcoming you!


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