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At Atlas Chiropractic PC, we focus on Atlas Orthogonal adjustments for one very simple reason: The atlas is the most moveable bone in the spine and, therefore, the most likely to be out of alignment. This increases the risk of neurological injury and since the brainstem is the most important part of the central nervous system, and it can be directly or indirectly impacted from the atlas subluxation, this region of the spine is the worst possible area to have a vertebral subluxation. Since your brain controls everything in your body through nerves that travel through your neck, any misalignment here can lead to many problems anywhere in the body.

The atlas is also attached to the skull, the largest bone in the spine, this makes the upper neck biomechanically predisposed to trauma from anything from sleeping wrong to whiplash. The atlas naturally becomes the weakest link for all of these reasons.

Dr Ryan setting up atlas orthogonal treatment

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique: Precise & Gentle

People are often nervous about chiropractic adjustments to their necks, but with the Atlas Orthogonal technique, there is no twisting, cracking, or popping. We begin with an exam, which will look at the entire spine in addition to the upper neck. We’ll also take X-rays as necessary. Dr. Sweet will carefully review your exam results and X-rays, and then you’ll receive your first Atlas Orthogonal adjustment.

This method uses a low-force adjusting instrument that directs a percussive wave to move the bone in the precise direction needed to correct your misalignment (vertebral subluxation). Most practice members don’t even feel it.

Dr. Sweet believes that atlas subluxations are the most overlooked, most missed-diagnosed and most misunderstood injury on the planet. This is heartbreaking because it affects the most vital region of your body regarding health and function. We’re all about helping people heal better so they can have their lives back and so they can share the power of Atlas Orthogonal work!

Addressing a Broad Array of Conditions

Along with neck pain, headaches, and migraines, some of the common reasons people seek our unique care are

  • Neurological issues
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Dizziness
  • Balance issues
  • Energy/chronic fatigue
  • Health conditions
  • Face pain
  • Complex conditions
  • Ligament laxity (Ehlers Danlos)

Ensuring that the brain and nervous system are free of interference and pressure is foundational to optimal health. Lifestyle factors such as eating right, sleeping right and exercising are necessary to help your body hold the adjustment.

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